Carlos Andres Torres 


Carlos Andrés Torres a.k.a. “Chispa”, practiced surfing since a young age and became an expert participating in different events around the island, achieving countless victories. He’s had several sponsors of recognized brands that have supported him in his task of conquering waves. Surfing is a lot of adrenaline for Chispa, because riding a wave is a sensation of total excitement and passion. But there has always been another thrill in mind, going fishing. That’s where the continuing feeling of accelerated emotions breaks in, the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen once he leaves the coast and starts navigating. “Will I find a current? What will I catch? How good will the feeling of a bite be...

Within time and departures from ports and marinas around the island, he became known among local fishermen of our coasts in Puerto Rico. Navigating daily on high seas, he's been around veteran fisherman and has acquired priceless knowledge while learning that you can live simply, doing what you love and the rest just falls in place. Due to his humbleness and charisma, Carlos has been acknowledged by fishing fans around the world.

Such passion for what he does and how he does it, has caught the attention of many people who practice water sports like fishing and surfing. If you have the opportunity to go fishing with Chispa, you may live one of the most emotional and invaluable experiences in your life.